Avi and Mike started MyStrengthBook to put the power of metrics-based training at the fingertips of powerlifters. Tracking and analyzing metrics started by wanting to understand their own training in more detail.

They created prototypes using Excel to accomplish this goal. However, Excel generated hard-to-use and clunky spreadsheets that limited the amount of analysis that could be performed. Furthermore, the raw data was complicated and not easily interpreted. They wanted the data collected to be comprehensive and intuitive, as well as displayed in a format that could be effortlessly used to assess workouts, gauge performance, and plan for future training.

The only means to accomplish this goal was to create custom software from the ground up, putting powerlifters at the center, and accommodating for all the variations of training that powerlifting requires.

MyStengthBook Team

Avi Silverberg

Avi Silverberg is considered one of the finest bench-only specialists in Canada – benching 227.5/501lb raw and 300k/660lb equipped. He has won the best overall bench pressor award at the National Championships on three occasions, and achieved a world bronze bench press medal in 2010.

In addition to Avi’s athletic career, he has served as the Head Coach for Team Canada Powerlifting at multiple international events from 2012 – 2015. These teams produced over 50 individual podium finishes, in addition to numerous National and World records. Most significantly, Canada reached its highest international placing in history under Avi’s leadership, placing 5th on both the men’s and women’s Open team in 2015.

Avi places a strong emphasis on the science behind sport performance. In addition to being a certified teacher, he graduated with a Master of Science in Kinesiology with a specific research focus on coaching elite master athletes in powerlifting. He has coached over 40 athletes to the National Championships, including all age and weight classes. Avi is a teacher, coach, and leader in powerlifting.

Mike MacDonald

Mike MacDonald has a long list of accomplishments as a powerlifter. Starting in 2006, Mike went on to win the National Championships on six occasions, achieving the best overall powerlifting award three times as both a Junior and Open athlete. Furthermore, Mike has accumulated five World Championship medals in the bench press, deadlift, and total, and is currently ranked 3rd on the all-time Canadian Equipped Powerlifting Rankings.

Outside of the powerlifting arena, Mike is a Chartered Accountant. He started his career working at a major international accounting firm, Grant Thornton LLP, as an auditor and business advisor. Following these years, Mike transitioned to becoming a financial analyst with Husky Energy. It was here where Mike sharpened his data analysis skills, working on major oil and gas projects with the goal of discovering important and useful information from big data.

Mike now brings his expertise with data analysis to the realm of sport performance where he hopes to uncover the individual potential of athletes using MyStrengthBook.

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