September 27, 2017 Maria Htee in Competition Analysis

The women of the USAPL are some of the strongest athletes on the planet. In each class, from lightest to heaviest, there are athletes who have gone on to win gold at the World Championships. So, if you want to beat these athletes, you better be ready to be one of the best in the world.

Here are my picks for the women’s Open classes at USAPL Raw Nationals. 

47kg: Heather Connor

After watching Heather Connor win both Nationals and Worlds previously, I wouldn’t pick anyone to beat her. Heather’s best lifts are Squat 137.5kg, Bench 65kg, Deadlift 175.5 kg with a total of 372.5kg and 508.9 wilks. Heather’s total is 40.5 kg higher than the second nomination, Allegra Hudson, who is the Junior champion. Those are big number for a small girl.

52kg: Marisa Inda

We have the best 52kg women in the world competing at Raw Nationals this year. There is Marisa Inda, Suzy Hartwig-Gary and Tina Daneshmand. Marisa was the 2017 IPF World Champion, Suzy is a multi-time USAPL National Champion, and Tina’s total is only 1.5kg behind Suzy’s. Marisa’s best lifts are Squat 150kg, Bench 95kg and Deadlift 187.5kg, which I think will be hard to beat for the top spot.

57kg: Jennifer Millican

We have another World Champion, Jennifer Millican, leading the 57kg class. Not only did she win the 57kg class at her first IPF Classic World Championships this past year, she also took the Best Overall Female Lifter award by wilks. Jennifer’s best lifts are Squat 174.5kg(WR), Bench 100kg and Deadlift 187.5kg. After competing with her at World’s, I’m excited to see what Jennifer brings to Raw Nationals. This woman definitely pushes me to work harder.

63kg: Jennifer Thompson

Jennifer Thompson, a.k.a the GOAT. I know a lot of men out there that can’t bench half of what JT can. Jen’s best lifts are: Squat 147.5kg, Bench 141.5kg and Deadlift 202.5kg. Jen didn’t make it to World’s this year due to injury, but judging by her training, she’s back in action. This weight class will be very interesting to watch as the second, third and fourth nomination totals are the same. All three totals are 462kg. So we’ll have to see what happens on game day.

72kg: Kim Walford