Meet the MyStrengthBook team of athletes and coaches.
Adam Ramzy
All-time strongest male equipped powerlifter in Canada
Blaine Sumner
Heaviest squat, bench, and total in IPF History
Brett Gibbs
2-Time IPF World Champion
Bryce Krawczyk
IPF World Medalist
Dave Ricks
IPF Hall-of-Famer, 27-time USAPL National Champion
Ewa Januszkiewicz
IPF World Deadlift Medalist
Jennifer Thompson
World’s #1 Bench Presser, 8-time IPF World Champion
JP Cauchi
IPF World Record Holder and Medalist
Kelly Branton
3-time IPF World Medalist
Maria Htee
All-time strongest female classic powerlifter in Canada
Matt Gary
USAPL Coaching Committee Chairman
Ryan Stinn
2017 World Games Athlete
Sergey Fedosienko
16-time IPF World Champion
Stephen Cascioli
2-Time IPF Medalist and World Record Holder
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