MyStrengthBook Privacy Policy

July 4, 2017

This privacy policy (“Privacy Policy“) provides You with information regarding the collection, use, retention, storage and disclosure of Your Data and any Personal Information by My Strength Book Inc. (“MyStrengthBook“).

MyStrengthBook may amend this Privacy Policy from time to time. Your continued use of the System constitutes Your acceptance to any such modifications. If You do not agree to any such modification, then You must discontinue use of the System.

All capitalized terms used herein and not defined shall have the meanings ascribed to them in the Terms of Use.


(a) In the course of Your use of the System, MyStrengthBook will collect, process and store information about You and Your use of the System. This information will consist of Your Data and may include Personal Information which is defined in the Terms of Use as:

Personal Information” means any information that is protected under applicable privacy legislation, including Personal Information and Protection of Electronic Documents Act (Canada), Personal Information Protection Act (Alberta) and any other Canadian federal or provincial privacy and health information protection legislation, as from time to time enacted or amended.

Personal Information is information that can be used, directly or indirectly, alone or in the aggregate, to identify You. Personal Information may include Your Data collected from Your computer, laptop, mobile phone or other electronic devices.

(b) MyStrengthBook collects Personal Information in the following ways:
(i) When You register on the System, MyStrengthBook may collect Your: (a) name; (b) gender; (c) location; (d) weight and/or weight class; (e) sport federation; (f) date of birth; (g) personal photograph; (h) e-mail; and (i) Authentication ID;
(ii) When You disseminate Your Data in such a manner to make Your Data accessible to third parties, including social media applications and websites, MyStrengthBook may collect profile or account information from such third parties;
(iii) When You use the MyStrengthBook Platform, MyStrengthBook collects Your historic performance results, Your competition results, Your current training data and Your forecasted training data;
(iv) When MyStrengthBook links to, or promotes web sites or services from other companies or offers You the ability to download software from other companies, MyStrengthBook collects information from such web sites, services or other companies; and
(v) When You supplement the information that is registered on the System, MyStrengthBook collects such supplemental information.

(c) All of Your Data, including Personal Information, will be processed, stored and handled by MyStrengthBook in accordance with reasonable data storage processes and procedures, applicable Canadian laws and this Privacy Policy. MyStrengthBook implements and maintains safeguards and controls that it deems necessary and commercially reasonable to deter, detect, prevent and correct unauthorized intrusion, access or use of the System and Your Data. You acknowledge and agree that notwithstanding MyStrengthBook’s safeguards, such methods and procedures may not prevent unauthorized electronic intruders to access the System through the internet or through other form of electronic communication. If such unauthorized electronic intruders are able to bypass MyStrengthBook’s security protocols and safeguards, such unauthorized electronic intruder may change, delete or otherwise corrupt the contents and data contained in the MyStrengthBook Server, including Your Data.

(d) Notwithstanding Section 1(a), MyStrengthBook does not collect Personal Information from children under the age of twelve (12). If You become aware that a child under the age of twelve (12) has provided MyStrengthBook with Personal Information without parental consent, please contact MyStrengthBook at the address set out below in “Contacting MyStrengthBook regarding access to Your Data or our Privacy Policy and Practices”.

2. USE

(a) MyStrengthBook uses Your Data and Personal Information for a number of purposes:
(i) To operate and make improvements to the MyStrengthBook Platform;
(ii) To communicate with You and respond to Your requests;
(iii) To facilitate the provision of coaching services by the Standard Coaches;
(iv) To personalize the MyStrengthBook Platform;
(v) To track Your performance, activity and goal history; and
(vi) To tailor any and all advertisements to You.

(b) Subject to the foregoing and conditioned on MyStrengthBook’s compliance with the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, You consent to MyStrengthBook’s exercise of all its rights under the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, including a license for the benefit of MyStrengthBook to extract information from Your Data (“Your Consent“).

(c) You further acknowledge and agree that MyStrengthBook will: (i) use the Aggregated Data for the purpose of benchmarking, assessing aggregate performance and analyzing such other metrics that might be useful to the athletic, fitness and strength community, in MyStrengthBook’s sole determination. The Aggregated Data will not contain an identifiable reference to You or Your Data.

(d) If You would like to withdraw Your Consent to MyStrengthBook extracting information from Your Data and generating the Aggregated Data, please contact MyStrengthBook at the address set out below in “Contacting MyStrengthBook regarding access to Your Data or our Privacy Policy and Practices”. MyStrengthBook will process Your withdrawal letter within a commercially reasonable period of time following MyStrengthBook’s receipt thereof; thereafter, going forward, any and all of Your Data that is submitted or input into the MyStrengthBook Platform will not be subject to the process set out in Section 2(c) of this Privacy Policy.


(a) MyStrengthBook will not disclose Your Data and Personal Information unless such disclosure is pursuant to a legitimate purpose. Such legitimate purposes include, but are not limited to:
(i) MyStrengthBook may disclose Your Data and Personal Information to MyStrengthBook’s partners, suppliers, vendors, representatives and affiliates for the purpose of operating and making improvements to the MyStrengthBook Platform;
(ii) MyStrengthBook may disclose Your Data and Personal Information to the Standard Coaches for the purpose of facilitating the provision of coaching services by the Standard Coaches;
(iii) MyStrengthBook may disclose Your Data and Personal Information to third parties, including social media applications and websites for the purpose of facilitating the “Share Workout” feature;
(iv) MyStrengthBook may disclose Your Data and Personal Information to coaches or consultants for the purpose of developing a training program and monitoring results; and
(v) MyStrengthBook may disclose the Aggregated Data to scientific journals, consultants, representatives, third party advertisers, the MyStrenghtBook Coaches, the Standard Coaches, other users, attendees at conferences, workshops or seminars and any other person, organization or association, in MyStrengthBook’s sole discretion, for reasonable educational and scientific purposes.

(b) MyStrengthBook may also disclose Your Data and any Personal Information that You upload in response to valid judicial orders or other legal processes in accordance with applicable laws or if MyStrengthBook believes in good faith that such disclosure is necessary to prevent or take action regarding illegal or suspected illegal activity or to protect the rights or safety of MyStrengthBook or any of MyStrengthBook’s users, partners, suppliers, vendors, representatives, affiliates or other third parties. MyStrengthBook will use all reasonable efforts to provide You with written notice of any disclosure of Your Data and any Personal Information that You uploaded under this paragraph.

(c) Notwithstanding the foregoing, the System allows You to disclose Personal Information to Your networks by providing you with a link to certain Personal Information. By disclosing Your Personal Information, You acknowledge that MyStrengthBook cannot control such Personal Information in a secure manner. MyStrengthBook does not control the privacy policies and practices of third parties.


MyStrengthBook will retain Your Data and Personal Information between the time You register as a subscriber and until You advise us to no longer retain Your Data and Personal Information. In all cases, MyStrengthBook shall retain Your Data and Personal Information in accordance with the applicable laws of the Province of Alberta and the laws of Canada, including by not limited to the Income Tax Act (Canada).


MyStrengthBook uses cookies to better serve You when You use the System. By accepting cookies, MyStrengthBook and/or its vendors and representatives may identify Your system by reading the cookie that has been stored on Your system, but, in all cases, MyStrengthBook’s web server cannot identify You unless You enter Personal Information. If You do not want to associate Your anonymous cookie information with Your visits to the System, depending on the browser used, You can set Your browser to turn off cookies.


MyStrengthBook will employ reasonable efforts to keep Your Data and Personal Information relevant to its intended use, accurate, complete and current. MyStrengthBook relies on You to notify it if there is a change to Your Data and Personal Information. MyStrengthBook will take reasonable steps to permit You to correct, amend or delete Personal Information that You demonstrated to be inaccurate or incomplete.


(a) You have a right to access Your own Personal Information that is in the custody or under the control of MyStrengthBook subject to some limited exceptions provided for in Privacy Legislation (as defined below). MyStrengthBook will grant You reasonable access to Your Personal Information held by MyStrengthBook. MyStrengthBook will advise You in advance of any charges for retrieval, reproduction or delivery of the Personal Information requested.

(b) MyStrengthBook may limit or deny access to Personal Information as permitted by applicable Privacy Legislation.

(c) In order to safeguard Personal Information, You will be required to provide sufficient identification information to permit MyStrengthBook to authorize access to the Personal Information requested.


MyStrengthBook has centralized certain aspects of its data process and administration in order to allow it to better manage its business. That centralization may result in the transfer of Personal Information from one country to another within the limits and subject to the requirements of the applicable laws of the Province of Alberta and the laws of Canada, including by not limited to the Personal Information Protection Act (Alberta) (“Privacy Legislation“). The countries where the information will be transferred may or may not have laws that seek to preserve privacy of the Personal Information. However, whenever Personal Information is transferred outside of the country, the Personal Information will be processed in accordance with the principals of this Privacy Policy and Privacy Legislation. Individuals may obtain written information regarding cross-border transfers by contacting MyStrengthBook at the address set out below in “Contacting MyStrengthBook regarding access to Your Data or our Privacy Policy and Practices”.


(a) MyStrengthBook is firmly committed to protecting Your privacy and has designated a privacy officer (“Privacy Officer“) to ensure compliance with this Privacy Policy. MyStrengthBook is accountable and responsible for all Your Data, including any Personal Information in its possession or control. If You have any questions about the security on the System or the Website, please contact MyStrengthBook’s Privacy Officer as set forth below.

(b) MyStrengthBook’s Privacy Officer will investigate all complaints concerning MyStrengthBook’s compliance with its Privacy Policy and will take appropriate measures to resolve any complaint. The user involved will be informed of the outcome of the investigation regarding his or her complaint. On any user’s request, MyStrengthBook will provide further information about its complaint process. The Privacy Officer reserves the right to seek external advice, as and when appropriate, before responding to any user complaint.

(c) You may submit a request to correct, access, or update Your Personal Information, as well as concerns regarding MyStrengthBook’s Privacy Policy or related privacy practices to MyStrengthBook’s Privacy Officer at the e-mail address below. MyStrengthBook strives to expeditiously respond to all reasonable concerns and inquiries.

Attn: Privacy Officer

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